Guy Cruz has been surrounded by music his entire life, having come from an extremely talented, well-known musical family. His father Ernie Cruz, Sr. is a composer/singer having several recordings to his credit. He passed on to his children the love, understanding and passion of music. All of Guy's siblings are involved with music in some form or fashion. Some chose to express their abilities in dancing while others delved into composing, singing and recording CD's on their own. His older brother John released his CD in 1996 and had numerous Hoku nominations winning two of them. His oldest brother, Ernie, Jr. was half of the well known duo Ka`au Crater Boys and has been recording for years and is a recipient of several awards. There's also the very talented sisters who dance as well as sing. Mom, who has a beautiful voice, has also recorded on her sons' albums.

Guy, who was reluctant to become yet another Cruz family member in the music industry, tried to avoid the concept of becoming a musician. He chose to enlist into the Army for four years. Finding himself away from home and alone without any family around him, he quickly became homesick. It brought to reality the meaning of family, friendship, and support of friends. He spent numerous hours in quiet reflection and expressed those thoughts on paper in songs. Following the discharge from the Army, he returned to his home in Hawai`i. He continued to compose songs, still procrastinating the inevitable, all while supporting both of his brother's successes in the music industry, watching them rise to the top of an uncertain business. Guy would join them on stage for a song or two and enjoyed singing at family barbecues but still preferred to limit sharing his talent to only those close to him.

Some other people that Guy has respected and admired in the music business include James Taylor's styling as well as Eric Clapton. You can hear their influences come across in Guys debut release Judgement Time, which Guy worked closely with his producer, brother John. What had once been reluctance in entertaining the thought of entering the music world, quickly became enthusiasm when approached by John to share his songs with the world.

Guy sings with passion that makes your heart melt. His original songs reflect a universal love that anyone can relate to. Whether it's reggae, country, blues, or contemporary; Guy stirs feelings in those that listen. To watch him live, you can see his soul shining through with every song. His emotion and passion can't be hidden any longer. One cannot conceal a talent such as Guy was merely a matter of time before this musician shined! Since the release of his CD, he has become one of the hottest new artists to explode onto the music scene.
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